The Gay House

Hello everyone! Zee here with another stirring chapter of…our life. (: So it has recently come to my attention that the house I grew up in was coined “The Gay House” by some of the people that lived in our neighborhood. People that I went to school with or lived next to for years And … Continue reading The Gay House

The Silent Giant

Hello everyone! A few of you have probably noticed by now that we have an illusive member; the silent giant of the family. He likes to make an appearance from time-to-time, but rarely does he make his presence known for too long. Unless you have snacks. We’re excited to finally share our big baby with … Continue reading The Silent Giant

A Coming Out Story…

It’s hard to pick where to start…Of course there is the obvious moment of declaration to another living person be it a friend or family member, where the words come out, “I think I am gay”. But really…Coming out is just the beginning of a journey of self discovery and learning how to love oneself. … Continue reading A Coming Out Story…

The Fuzzy Gentleman

Say hello, Hamish! Throughout this post what we’d like to accomplish is not only a visual representation of this amazing lil’ guy, but also document how he has grown with us these past 6 years. When we first met Hamish, it was 2014 and we were about to have one of our first ‘spur of … Continue reading The Fuzzy Gentleman

Hot Italian Sausage Quiche

What is there not to love about Quiche? Quiche can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It tastes great hot or cold. You can put just about any of your favorite ingredients in a quiche’s filling. Serve it with some fresh seasonal fruit, or wrap it in some parchment for a quick on the … Continue reading Hot Italian Sausage Quiche

My Alocasia Is…

Hey Fam! Today Vee and I thought it best to talk about one of our new loves that we found through our passion for plants. (Saoirse and the Elephant Ear) What you see above is the leaf of a Colocasia, or rather, an Elephant Ear and in some instances these can grow upwards of 3 … Continue reading My Alocasia Is…


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