Vegan Vegetable Fried Rice That Is Quick & Tasty

Growing up in a family of 6 meant that when it came time for dinner, making big batch food was something of the norm. Though my mum’s classic fried rice is a bit different from my vegan vegetable fried rice, it is most certainly the inspiration for this dish…

That, and of course making food that is friendly to the diets of our vegan friends. Too often fried rice recipes call for butter, eggs, or even fish sauce for flavor…Who needs all that when you can keep things animal and byproduct free?

Zee and I love this dish because it is so easy to switch things up and it meets all of our nutritional demands from being so active. You can add just about whichever of your favorite vegetables you have on hand or spice it up even more by adding some Sriracha sauce. Honestly though, it is great just as it is.


Hope you all enjoy!


Ready to prep


2x Cups White Rice
4x Cups Water
1.5x Cups of Haricot Verts
1.5x Cups of Cut & Peeled Baby Carrots
1x Cup Green Onions
1x Cup Sweet Corn
1x Cup Shelled Edamame
2x Large Jalapeños
2x Large Heads of Garlic
1x 1/2 Cup Soy Sauce
3x Tbsp Toasted Sesame Oil
2x Tbsp Olive Oil
2x Tbsp Garlic Powder


Take 2 cups of white rice and place them in the cooking bowl. Rinse the rice off thoroughly by running cold water through it. Allow it to sit for a moment, then pour out the water and repeat until the water is less cloudy.

Then add 4 cups of water, close the lid and set to white rice. Cooking time will self adjust, but typically takes about 25-30mins.

Rice cooker doing its thing

Once your rice is done cooking, carefully remove it from the rice cooker, and place plate atop the metal bowl. With one hand on top of the plate and the other below the bowl, flip them over while squeezing together and bang the sides of the bowl with your hand a couple times to loosen the rice. You should end up with a nice sticky rice mound!

Now set it aside as we continue to get the veggies prepped…

Starting with your 1.5 cups haricot verts, split your bundle in half, then align the ends for easier trimming. Once done trimming one side, flip them over, realign the next group of ends and repeat. When you have trimmed all verts, go ahead and cut into quarters, then set aside.

Now take the 1.5 cups of cut & peeled baby carrots, and holding 3 at a time, cut them into coins and set aside.

Next up is trimming the 1 cup of green onions and rough chopping them before setting aside.

Now take the 2 large jalapeños and cut the stem off, then split them lengthwise. Remove the seeds using your fingers to pull them from the center. Then slice into ribbons, and roughly dice them before setting aside.

Last but not least, roughly chop the 2 large heads of garlic, and set aside with the rest of your prepped vegetables.

Now we are ready to start making some quick & tasty vegan vegetable fried rice!

Start by getting a large and deep sauté pan out, set your range top to Med-Hi and pour the 2 Tbsp of olive oil in the pan, allowing it to come to a nice hot temp for frying.

Next, add your rough chopped garlic, followed by the rough diced jalapeños. Allow them to get nice and aromatic (bout 1-2mins) to make sure all the oil has picked up their flavors.

Toss your cut & peeled baby carrot coins into the pan, and sauté them with the jalapeños and garlic, until they become a little softer and a deeper orange (bout 2-3mins). Then pop your cup of sweet corn and cup of shelled edamame in the pan, followed by your trimmed haricot verts and toss all the veggies together (another 2-3mins).

With your veggies all sautéed and ready to go, push them to one side of your pan, then add your cooked rice and give it a little fluff.

Now pour your 3 Tbsp of toasted sesame oil, followed by your 2 Tbsp of garlic powder. Then toss evenly with the sautéed vegetables.

With your rice and veggies combined, it’s time to slowly pour your 1/2 cup of soy sauce over the entire pan, then tossing 3/4 of your cup of chopped green onion through the fried rice, leaving 1/4 cup to be placed on top of your rice bowls for garnish and a little extra crispy fresh kick.

Hope you all enjoy our family favorite vegan vegetable fried rice that is great for dinner, a side dish to accompany a saucy meal, or for bringing to a party for all to share.

Time to chow down.

Plating dinner
A dash of fresh chopped green onion

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