The Silent Giant

Hello everyone!

A few of you have probably noticed by now that we have an illusive member; the silent giant of the family. He likes to make an appearance from time-to-time, but rarely does he make his presence known for too long.

Unless you have snacks.

We’re excited to finally share our big baby with you. <3

So without further ado, meet Angus!

Wake up sleepy head

The Beginning

Angus’ story starts off much the same as his brother and sister. I think the only difference would be that Angus immediately let us know that he was going to be the shy guy.

To give you a feel for where we were, Vee and I were in the midst of our second year as a couple. We had already spent a year with our chonky boy Hamish. Our careers were each taking their own direction and it left us both out of the house more than we wanted to be, and because of this we felt that Hamish needed a friend.

So once again, we took to the local animal shelter and managed to find a number of precious wee babes. With not so much an image in our head, but more of an idea, we mingled with the kittens and got a feel for who they were and how well they would mesh with our family.

Hamish was a gentle boy but he could have his moments, so we wanted to find someone that would be compatible. That’s when I noticed the smallest orange tabby, off to the side, much more reserved than the others. Serving us quiet kitty in ginger.

I instantly felt him. Being a quiet person myself I could feel that he wanted to be away from there, and I knew we had the home and the family that could love him. Vee and I talked it over, and after some deliberation we both agreed that he was the one.

We got the paperwork started and as we finished up the gentleman that was handling our adoption went on to tell us that before landing here, our wee guy and his siblings had been found abandoned and neglected at a shelter that had lost its funding. Animals with no control over their own wellbeing had been left to suffer because somewhere, somehow people had decided that they weren’t worth the funds.

My heart broke into so many pieces. I had no idea that such a thing could occur without there being a plan “b”. I still cannot think of that day and not get emotional, hell, I’m emotional right now as I share this with you.

That’s what I was getting off of Angus. Those feelings of mistrust and abandonment that should not be known by something so small, so young. We literally had to save him.

We finally finished the paperwork and got the lil guy into a carrier before making our way to the pet store for some new kitty supplies and then finally back home. Looking over his file we noticed that the shelter had gone with the name “Eugene”, and it was okay but we felt he needed something more…? That’s right, eclectic. (;

In no time we decided that Angus was the perfect fit. Hamish, Vee and I all did our best to remain patient and give Angus the time he needed to adjust to our home, our varying fragrances, our way of being a family. Looking up the videos and the “How To’s” of raising a kitty we figured that he would need to be in his own space for a couple days.

We lasted one.

We tried to be strong, but Hamish reaching under the door to play with his new friend, it made us weak.

The Sickness

Before long the two of them were running around, rough-housing across the floor, and climbing up the cat tower. They became the best of friends.

However, we quickly learned that there is a reason for that time apart and it is pretty much essential for everyone’s safety.

Heads up this next part gets real, but sometimes being a parent just gets like that. 😛

It started off with (TMI) weird cat poo. Like they smelled worse and they had no kind of consistency. We figured one of the boys had eaten the other’s food and since they were different it had led to an upset stomach. But then! It just became very evident that both of them were having an issue. Both of our boys having the same symptoms had Vee and I stressed and unsure.

Then the wee Angus started to express discomfort in his stomach, and so we knew that we had to get them checked. Our vet was amazing and immediately gave us the knowledge we needed to effectively get the problem under control.

Angus had an intestinal parasite, and to this day we believe it was caused by a random flea that he had ingested while cleaning himself. The parasite then made its way into the litter box and somehow infected Hamish as well.

So we had two sick boys who needed medication and a whole new diet.

The medication was a liquid that we had to give them via the mouth and the diet was boiled ground chicken with rice. This lasted a couple months as we had to try multiple medications to find the one that killed the parasites. By the end of it we had fixed the problem and found our way back to healthy cats and healthy poo.

A Rare Moment For These Two

After that rough few months, and a brief period of seeking forgiveness that followed, the boys settled down into an adorable routine and Angus began to show us more and more of who he was and what he wanted from us.

Helping our boy with his sore tummy.

I think one of the memories that sticks with me most about this time is the relationship that developed between Vee and Angus. Vee is many things, many wonderful and beautiful things, but Vee is hardly ever still or quiet. There were many times in the beginning when Angus would run from every attempt that Vee made at building a bond between them. Or rather, Angus would be showing signs that he wanted attention so Vee would happily answer, but she stood too quickly or moved too close and Angus was gone.

It would have merely been amusing had Angus not looked for opportunities in which I was being still and calm to jump up on my lap or lay next to me while I slept. Vee managed to always be there when it happened, and though it was difficult then, we’ve since moved on and grown from it haha.

The Present

In the years since then Angus has grown to be quite a big ball of fur; almost measuring twice Hamish‘s length. His demeanor is still very much that of a shy guy; we think our Mom’s are the only other humans to have seen him.

He prefers the quiet life, and loves basking in the Sun.

He loves his brother.

He is coming around to his sister.

And if you catch him at the right time, under the right circumstances, you’ll come to find that wee Angus is a sucker for the belly rubs.

Thank you for the read everyone! Sorry that it’s a day behind our regular Tuesday posts, but yesterday was November 3rd and it was a big day for everyone.

Hope this finds you relaxed and surrounded with abundance!

With love from us to you,

~Vee, Hamish, Angus, Saoirse and Zee~

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