The Fuzzy Gentleman

Say hello, Hamish!

Throughout this post what we’d like to accomplish is not only a visual representation of this amazing lil’ guy, but also document how he has grown with us these past 6 years.

He never misses a photo op.

When we first met Hamish, it was 2014 and we were about to have one of our first ‘spur of the moment life-changing’ kind of adventures. We happened to see him on our local shelter website, and thought he was just the sweetest boy we had ever saw.

Upon arrival we came to find that the little guy had been adopted and returned 3 times prior! And when we inquired as to why; the staff shared that he had a lot of energy and two of the families just did not know how to handle his brand of crazy. The other family simply had to move unexpectedly so they were unable to bring him along.

But honestly, all I heard was that he was waiting for Vee and I.

Hami-cat loves his pillows.

We adopted him on the spot!

His name was Payne at the time, and since that was not the energy we were feeling off of him we played around with a few names.

First, it was Franklin. We were hopeful that he would grow up to be a nice, well-mannered little man so the name fit for a day or two. But with a Vee being born and raised in Scotland, we felt that something more eclectic was in store for our boy.

After much deliberation, and telling Vee 100 times+ that the name Morag was out of the question, we landed on Hamish and it just felt so right it couldn’t be wrong!

Hamish is an old Scottish Gaelic name translating to modern day name James.

Another side note: it also sounds similar to the yiddish word for “cozy”, and my goodness it just fits him to the T.

Our wee homebody.

We quickly came to find that he was extremely playful, a rascal even, and there were times when we would have to help him understand that the play he was looking for was not the kind that we had to offer. 😛

But we grew to love one another rather quickly, and we could tell that wee Hamish had finally found a place to call home.

In our time together, we’ve come to know the many sides of Hamish. He is complex, playful, sassy, intelligent, chonky, affectionate, and a seeker of warm cuddles.

His complexity and intelligence can be seen when has a meow-versation around when snack time should be for the day, or when anything should be for that matter.

Hamish stopping everything to remind us what time it was.

His playfulness and affection come through in almost everything he does, but especially when he’s playing with Angus and Saoirse. You’ve never seen anything so precious as when Hamish plays with his little sister <3.

The sass is quite real, and you know it’s coming when you see his tail stand up with a small jolt from the bottom to the top. He expresses the sass when we’re in a disagreement or when he’s recently been told “nooooo, Hamish no”.

One could also argue that the sass has been known to show itself in a quieter way. A way in which said cat finds his favorite perch just so he can give us both, ‘The Eye’.

Hamish serving ‘The Eye’.

Nowadays we’ve given Hamish the term ‘chonk’, as he is in fact a chonky boy. Nothing unhealthy or bad, but in comparison to 2.5 lb Saoirse, he’s feeling bigger these days.

When you catch his eye and he saunters over for a much needed lap-cuddle you know that this chonky boy has nothing but love to give.

At the end of the day, Vee and Me, we cannot count on all of our hands how many times we express gratitude for bringing this beautiful, wonderful soul into our lives. He is perfect in more ways than one and he has had our hearts, laughter, and tears since day one.

We hope that you have that special someone who makes you feel loved above everything else.

But if you don’t…Head on down to your local animal shelter…
You never know who you will find, or who will find you…

Till next time!- Hamish

~Zee and Vee~

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  1. Adopted pets are so special, they quickly become family. Love his Scottish name! Its crazy how names can be so fitting and its hard to picture them with any other name. Thanks for sharing your story!

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