Mindfulness and Meditation

As humans much of our lives are spent living unconsciously and we find ourselves getting stuck in patterns doing the same thing day in and day out. We end up feeling discontent, like life is going nowhere, yet we are often sitting on tons of untapped potential…

So, how do we “tap in” to that potential?

We live life in the present.

Mindful Figure in Labradorite Slab

Practices such as mindfulness and meditation are tools we can use to raise our sense of consciousness and live more in the present.

Mindfulness involves taking the time to train our minds to slow down, focus, and engage with the task we are performing. For example, when brushing your teeth instead of thinking about everything you have to get done ahead in your day, stay focused on the task at hand. Remind your brain that right now “we” (as in your brain and you) are in the process of getting your teeth as clean as you possibly can. Only when you are completely finished with the 2 minutes it takes to get those pearly whites sparkling should you allow your brain to think of something else.

This simple act of mindfulness practiced daily, alone can train your brain into operating at a higher level of consciousness more consistently and will help when it comes to making decisions throughout your day to day life. In staying present you get to truly live your life through having purposeful interactions.

A Moment of Stillness in Nature

Meditation in many ways is another act of mindfulness except instead of focusing on specific actions/tasks and how we interact with them, we simply focus on “clearing” our mind. For some this comes from sitting in silence out in nature, and for others it could be painting or even drumming at home to some heavy metal. My personal favorite meditative tasks are wire wrapping crystals, pulling tarot cards, and doing breath work such as Pranayama.

Moments of mindfulness and meditation are restorative and crucial to our mental health. It is important that we take the time to listen to our inner thoughts and feelings when we find ourselves in such spaces that allow us to hear them.

Then we must make the effort to align our innermost self (who you feel you are at your core) and our outer most self (who you present to the world) to create a symbiotic environment within our mind, body, and soul.

Of course this is easier said than done, but with practice over time it becomes routine. Setting goals for ourselves can really help keep those routines in place. In giving ourselves something to accomplish and knowing a reward will follow if we do, it gives us something to look forward to and we are more likely to succeed. This could be a cheat meal once a week if your goal is to eat healthy 24/7, or maybe its an hour or two of video games for knocking out your chores.

Living In The Moment & Loving Every Minute of it

No matter what works for you or what you set out to accomplish, remind yourself constantly that you are capable and worthy of what you seek. That no matter how against the grain it may be, you are owed the right to experience life as you seek to experience it.

Starting right now.

~ Vee ~

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