Rescue Kitten Finds Forever Home

What a journey.

What a journey it has been, and will continue to be.

Saoirse came into our lives just short of a month ago. Upon hearing that she was in a home that could not care for her I was so moved that I came to tears. I immediately reached out to Vee and my mom for some guidance.

It was quickly decided that we could make the trip to transfer her from where she was (about 20miles from our home) to a non-profit organization nearby.

We picked her up and immediately started the journey to a better future for this little one. But alas, it only took her 20 minutes to steal both our hearts. The feeling was mutual because she definitely was not trying to have anything to do with either of the women at the non-profit.

She was not about to let anyone tell her what to do, and that’s why we loved her.

We eventually chalked it up to her feeling agitated from the fleas biting her when they tried to touch her. Then we received a dewormer for her belly and itchy bum, and made our way back to the house where we would begin the kitty quarantine.

Vee and I decided that the bathroom would be the best place to house her as we rehabilitated her while also safeguarding the boys from any chance of contamination if she picked something up from her rough beginning. Once inside we got her into the bathroom, grabbed some unscented baby soap, and lathered a ring of bubbles around her neck to protect her face/head from traveling fleas before going to town on those parasitic bastards.

Y’all, there were so many fleas…

Little Saoirse after her first bath.

So much so, that when we thought we were nearing the end we still found more squirming around in her cheek fur and around her eyes. It was intense. At one point one of them was so latched onto her neck that I thought it was a tick, and Vee had to reel me in as I immediately began to lose my potatoes.

But after all of the splashing, ‘who’s a good girl’ chanting, and an entire other flea bath we finally managed to rid her of all the blood-suckers. And the sigh she let out as she realized what we were doing…that was worth everything. We could feel her begin to trust us.

About a week goes by and we’ve grown accustom to the new kitten parent routine. Encouraging the litter box use, feeding her 3x a day, checking for fleas, checking for solid poo (it’s a real thing y’all), and running home on our lunch breaks from work to try to fit in some fun whenever we could to keep her entertained in her quarantine.

We kept in contact with the organization to keep them in the loop, and after mentioning the state of Saoirse’s breathing (she sounded congested and had a difficult time breathing through her nose when eating or playing), they decided it best we start her on a round of antibiotics. .

Struggling to breathe while eating, poor dear.

At the start of the week 2 we picked up a prescription of Ammoxicillin and administered her dosage, based upon her weight, in the morning and evening for the next 2 weeks.

Little 2lb 11oz baby girl.

Week 3 found all of us, Vee, Me, Hamish & Angus, bouncing around with anticipation as we awaited the okay to get Saoirse’s first vaccine. A few days after finishing the Ammoxicillin Saoirse was doing stupendously. Her congestion had all but disappeared, her little belly had no sign of inflammation, and she had not made any reference to scratch her bum in quite some time. All-n-all our girl was looking brand new.

We received the go-ahead for her first vaccine and quickly made our way with her in tow. Upon arriving we were once shown a different side of Saoirse than what we had become accustomed to at home. The organization member reached into the carrier to get a hold of Saoirse by the scruff to administer the shot, and little miss was once again not having any part of it. The hissing and slashing ensued until we were finally able to wrap her into a ‘burrito’ with a blanket and hold the scruff of her neck while she received her vaccination.

We quickly left to rid her of any anxiety, once inside the car and away from the unknown she reverted back to the gentle, curious babe we had grown to love.

And here we are, finding ourselves at the end of one journey to begin another. On one side we have a curious kitten who has recently undergone weeks of restorative care to be healthy and safe around others. On the other side we have two adult male kitties with years invested to form a love-filled bond, who have also spent the last few weeks smelling the young stranger from under the bathroom door.

Saoirse has found her way into Vee and I‘s hearts and we can say with certainty that she has also found her forever home, that is of course if it all goes well? 😉

No one can really be sure how this thing will turn out but one thing is for sure…it’s meow or never.

~ Zee & Vee ~

To donate time, money or supplies go to Gabby’s Animal Rescue. Help give a cat or dog another chance at life!

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