What is Energy?

Before writing this post Zee and I took a walk this morning and I asked myself the question,
“What is energy?”.

As we walked the bridge toward our local marina I felt the cool ocean breeze brush against my skin. I heard seagulls cawing in the distance and the cars rushing below our feet. There were sparrows chirping in nearby bushes and a young girl passing us with an elderly woman by her side, suddenly I was overcome with memories of my great uncle Terry.

Of times when he would take me out in the hills back home in Scotland with binoculars to watch the birds and other wildlife without disturbing them. He would tell me stories that explained how they were precious, that each living creature had a spirit and a special purpose that helped bring harmony to our world. I thought of all life’s lessons that he taught me while looking through those binoculars, and I was filled with his energy even though he has been gone for many years now.

Gerard, Uncle Terry, & Vee in San Diego 1994

In that moment it hit me that there are no sum of words that add up to all that energy entails, because we ourselves are energy.

Our energy is the sum of everything we consume, be it food or substance. To how we interact with others and our environment. It’s the warm comforting feeling we get when we are with someone we love and it’s the hole in our heart that appears when they are gone. While our brain records our memories, our spirit holds on to the energies amongst them, weaving them into who we are. These energetic exchanges are more than feelings or experiences, and can have imprints that last a lifetime on both the people and places in which they occur.

As we continue to discuss energy in our upcoming posts we will cover a variety of topics from how to cultivate positive energy in yourself and home. To how to let go of energies which don’t serve your well being. Our energy is sacred and when we acknowledge is sacredness, we acknowledge our power.


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  1. Our Energy is boundless, we flow in and out of different forms of energy, meshing with the bodies around us, and sometimes colliding at high speeds. We are infinite.

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